About the Prizes

We know that everyone’s journey on this All Illinois Shop Hop is going to be different.  Hoppers are coming to us from all different places in life – they may be retired, in school, working full-time, have young children, caring for an elder or spouse, etc – all of which has an impact on how much of the hop they are able to complete.  And trust us, that is OK.  If prizes are what motivates you, we specifically offer opportunities at many different levels so that you can feel rewarded now matter which journey is yours.  We know it is not realistic for everyone to complete the entire state.  The most important thing for us is that you take your time and enjoy what YOU are able to accomplish.  Just look at all the things that can be waiting for you along the way…
STATE GRAND PRIZE(S): Collect the stamps for ALL 73 stores on the shop hop to qualify to win one of our special State Wide GRAND PRIZES.
JAFTEX 40:  Shop Hoppers who collect stamps from 40 or more stores ANYWHERE in the state will earn one entry for the Jaftex 40 drawing.
REGIONAL PRIZES: Collect Passport stamps from ALL stores in a Region to receive one entry into the prize drawing for THAT region. Regional GRAND PRIZE(S) will be drawn first. Entries then become eligible for the many other prizes offered for each region. The more regions you complete, the more entries you receive and the more chances to WIN!
ENTRY LEVEL PRIZES: Collect Passport stamps from 5 or more participating stores anywhere in Illinois to be entered in this prize drawing. (Shoppers who collect stamps from all the stores in a region will also be entered into this drawing.) Be sure to submit your passport for entry!
FACEBOOK PRIZES: Throughout the year, there will be random PRIZE OPPORTUNITIES posted in our Facebook Group.  These can be as simple as engaging with a post OR sharing important information about our event. 
FACEBOOK LIVE EVENTS (Shop Hop Talk Tuesdays):  In the 4 weeks leading up to the kickoff of the Shop Hop, we will go LIVE every Tuesday in the Facebook Group to discuss all things All Illinois Shop Hop.  We always have a good time giving away prizes during these live events!
Store Collectible Quilt Block – Collect one from each store you visit. No purchase necessary.
Regional Collectible Quilt Block – Will be mailed to shoppers when you collect stamps from all stores in a region. No purchase necessary.
Unique State Collectible Quilt Block – Will be mailed to you when you collect stamps from all stores across the state. No purchase necessary.
Yazzii Bags State Finisher Thank You – Our sponsor, Yazzii Bags is donating a 3pc Craft Pouch to each hopper that visits all stores in the state. No purchase necessary.