Lost Arts – Fairbury, IL

Lost Arts is part of Lost in Time, Inc.  Lost in Time, Inc. is a Mom and Pop corporation nestled in the small farming community of Fairbury, Illinois. 

It consists of a Restaurant, Fabric Store and a Banquet Room/Classroom and is located on the corners of 4th and Locust street. 

Lost Arts opened in June of 2011.  The day the shop opened, the shelves were bare except for some basic fabrics, yarns and sewing supplies. 

Customers were invited in to help build the store.  Sally, the owner, had a vision of having a store with supplies for Heritage Arts.  The things her Mom, Grandma, and Aunts use to do. 

Quilting, Knitting, Crocheting, Embroidery, and Tatting were the main focus.  It didn’t take long for the customers to add to the lists on the counter what they would like to see in the shop.

Lost Arts Fabric Store has added an online store to add to the shopping options for the customer.  We can be found at http://www.lostartsfabrics.com​ and on Facebook at Lostarts2011. 

Today, Sally takes pride in her “Shop the Customers Built”.