Ma’s Got’a Notion – Havana

The building houses Ma’s 6000 + bolts of Cottons, Homespuns, Flannels and Wool of 42″ wide backs.  AND…over 1600 bolts of 108″, 110″, 116″ & 118″ wide back fabrics.
Ma’s motto is “We’ve got your back, quilt back that is.”
The building, which was built in late 1800s, still has the original tin ceilings, exposed brick walls, and original wood floors.
Displays change with the seasons and often you will find a nook or cranny that is dedicated to an off-season.
You will feel like you have taken a step back in time once you enter the front door, but surely you couldn’t have, because…you will find…all the fabrics are the latest in the marketplace!
This small town…is the home of “Ma’s Got’a Notion” if you think it’s a trip to get to her shop…just know that you will tell all of your quilting friends…WOW, Ma’s is worth the trip!!! 
If you can’t make the trip, never fear you can find her on her website:
Or read her daily Facebook Page: