MBT’s This ‘n That Quilt Shop – Newton

We started in 2008 with our first estate – it contained yarn, fabric, craft supplies and 50 dolls! We installed the estate (4 days of work for 2 of my friends and myself) moving it from a basement and house to our rental house which was conveniently empty. Furthermore, we planned on having a couple of garage sales and be done with it — but fate had other plans for us. I was let go from my part-time position as a bookkeeper for a doctor and decided we’d keep going with our house full of supplies plus whatever we could add from our stash and friends’ stashes. Well, it’s 15 years later and boy has it grown.

We’ve tried to specialize in antiques and craft supplies, but we’ve gradually gone to mostly quilting fabric with a slice of antiques! Who knew there would be a need for what we offer.

We help others who have large quilting/craft estates re-home their stash, and we have helped shops that have had to close and still have a large inventory of quilting fabric. Our latest inventory in 2023 is coming from a shop in Iowa, where we’re picking up hundreds of bolts of fabric.

We like to think we do what other shops can’t – we re-home fabric from quilters who have bought and then passed away or have too much accumulated and what to “switch it out”. As our patch says – we’re a “Different kind of Quilt Shop”.

We hope to see a lot of the Hoppers from last year come and visit us again this year – we really enjoy hearing the stories of your adventures! And if you got a gift certificate from us last year – it’s still good for this year’s purchases!

We just began giving away “Morsbags” last year and as a reminder – bring your Morsbag back to the shop, and we’ll give you 5% off your purchase and/or make us a bag we can give to another customer, and you’ll get another 5% off your purchase that day. We’ve had bags made from pillow cases, old jeans, napkins, towels and many other fabrics – they can be plain or fancy, it’s all about discontinuing the use of plastic bags and making reusable shopping bags!!